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15 & 16 April 2024

Conference Theme: Our sense of Place

The 2024 SASTA Annual Conference is a celebration of the rich scientific heritage and innovation rooted in South Australia, with a special focus on First Nations science.

This conference aims to delve into the unique connection between people, land, and knowledge, exploring how this profound sense of place has shaped scientific discoveries and innovations.

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Educators play a pivotal role in bridging this connection, and the conference will provide insights into how teachers can bring these themes into the classroom.

By understanding and appreciating our sense of place, we can inspire future generations to be stewards of the land and innovators in science.

Possible presentations could include:

  1. First Nations Science:
  • Workshops exploring traditional ecological knowledge and how it complements Western scientific approaches.
  • Showcase of Indigenous scientific innovations and practices, including land management techniques, bush medicine, and sustainable resource management.
  • Workshops and seminars on integrating First Nations science and South Australia's scientific heritage into the classroom curriculum.
  • Strategies for fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and respect for Indigenous knowledge among students.
  • Discussions on building partnerships between schools, Indigenous communities, and scientific institutions to promote STEM education.
  1. South Australia as our place:
  • Workshops that highlight the extraordinary flora and fauna found in South Australia.
  • Discussions on conservation efforts, emphasizing the role of science in protecting and preserving the unique biodiversity of the region.
  • Presentations showcasing South Australia's significant scientific achievements, from pioneering geological research to cutting-edge biotechnology.
  • Talks on breakthroughs in agriculture, renewable energy, and environmental science with a focus on their relevance to the region.
  • Interactive sessions where participants can engage with emerging technologies and scientific innovations.
  • Sharing best practices for incorporating local ecology and cultural knowledge into science education.
  • Presentations on successful community-driven science initiatives that empower students to explore their own sense of place.

Call for Workshops close on Friday 9 February 2024.

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