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NEW 2024 Topic Tests for Biology, Chemistry & Physics available NOW. Editable format.

Please note that these are a teacher only resource and will not be sold to students or tutors. 


Order your copies via See more details below. 

  • Mid-Year and End of Year exams available for Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Each exam is 90 marks and is designed for a 90 minute examination.

Cost: $125.00 (including GST) per exam 

The SASTA SACE Stage 1 Trial Exams are a 'must have' resource, developed by leading teachers to support SACE Stage 1 teachers. This vital resource will familiarise teachers and students with the SACE Stage 2 exam format. Teachers will be able to use the resource for students, a stand alone assessment tool or to develop exam preparation skills.

  • Fully editable documents designed for use as formative or summative tasks.
  • A range of questions that cover nearly every statement on the subject outline.
  • A blending of questions that incorporate concepts from different sections of the course to demonstrate connections between different areas of the course.
  • Questions that allow students to demonstrate near and far transfer of knowledge.
  • Science as a human endeavour (SHE) questions that allow students to develop their knowledge and understanding and explore the connections between science and society.
  • Science inquiry skills questions that allow students to interpret data and make logical and relevant conclusions.

Have you seen the 2024 SASTA Stage 1 Topic Tests? You can bundle your trial exam and topic tests for a discounted price - more info available here.

  • Contextual questions that allow students to make connections and apply their knowledge to new and both familiar and unfamiliar contexts.
  • Questions that utilise local and global contexts.
  • Full-colour diagrams and illustrations where relevant.
  • Fully worked solutions for each question including a lengthy response to the SHE questions.

These exams are only available for purchase by teachers or schools.


Click the link below to see what is covered in each exam.


Biology: Cells and microorganisms and infectious disease 

Chemistry: materials and their atoms, combinations of atoms and molecules

Physics: Linear motion and forces, Electric circuits and heat


Biology: Multicellular organisms and ecosystems and biodiversity 

Chemistry: mixtures and solutions, acids and bases and redox reactions

Physics: Energy and momentum, waves and nuclear models and radioactive decay


Purchase and distribution of exams

In an effort to reduce student access to these exam papers, they will only be able to be ordered by emailing ( a purchase order to SASTA. If your school does not use purchase orders, a simple email detailing your Trial Exam requirements will suffice.

Once your order has been received by the office, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the school for prompt payment. Please be aware that exams will not be distributed until the invoice has been paid in full. Once paid, distribution will occur as outlined below.


Distribution: these items will be delivered via WeTransfer^ as Word documents for each available subject (exam paper and solutions)*. Once payment has been received, the files will be emailed to the name of the person who is listed on the purchase order.

^ Please note the link to the exams will expire in 7 days, so please ensure you download the files before this date.

Please note that SASTA will not provide paper copies.