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Posted by SASTA

on 23/02/2022

MOD. is committed to fostering the participation of young people in each of our exhibitions. As part of our exhibition INVISIBILITY (February – November 2022), we are inviting secondary school students to contribute to the content of this exhibition by creating either visual designs or artefacts for display in our gallery spaces, which answer the question:

What is invisible that shouldn’t be?

Schools and/or individual students are invited to design a product or machine in response to this question. Rather than being a competition, the project enables creative contributions from schools, educators and students to be featured within the exhibition.

Student are invited to consider invisibility from the perspectives of

  • EQUITY – who is visible? (recognised/acknowledged/heard?)​
  • PRIVACY – who controls what is visible? ​
  • DETECTION – how do we perceive the invisible?​
  • ATTENTION – what do we overlook?

Your design outcome can be developed for 2D or 3D display including digital plans, 3D prototypes, models or speculative promotional material like a poster.

How to get started

Please find all of the information for this project in the Teacher Resource Kit and register your participation HERE.