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Q: My school is a current corporate member of SASTA; what does this mean?

A: Having a SASTA Corporate Membership means that you will receive one copy of the quarterly SASTA newsletter, and that each of the people you have listed under your membership (on the SASTA website) can benefit from Corporate Member pricing at SASTA Events where a registration fee applies. You can have up to 20 people, including the Primary User, listed under your school account and each of those 20 people can then benefit from the lower price at events.

Q: When will my membership expire?

A: SASTA membership runs from 1st January to 31st December in any calendar year and you can join at any time between 1st November and 31st October of the membership year in question. We do not, however, recommend that you join in October. This is because if you join in November, you're effectively getting 14 months' of membership benefits as they become current from when your membership fee has been paid. Membership pricing is reduced by 50% from 1st July onwards and closes on 31st October.

Q: Does my membership price include the SASTA Journal?

A: No, the SASTA Journal is an optional extra. Priced at $33 (including GST) per year and this gets you two editions of the Journal sent out to your nominated address*. This price halves after 1st July also, as the first edition of the Journal has already been sent out at that time. Corporate members who subscribe to the SASTA Journal still only receive two copies - one copy per edition sent to the attention of the Primary User of the Account.

* We encourage you to check your contact details, including your nominated address regularly. 

Q: How can I add people to this membership?

A: We have compiled a short video on how to add people to your membership account. Please take the time to watch the video below.

Corporate Membership Video from SASTA on Vimeo.

Q: I'm a SASTA member, but I've just logged in to register for an event and it's only showing the Non-member price. Why is this?

A: This could be happening for two reasons: firstly, we would recommend checking the email address you've used to log in. Our system will have your membership tied to one of your email addresses, and if you have several (a school address, a personal address and perhaps more!), only one of those addresses will have been used to join SASTA.

Secondly, if you're logged in with the correct email address and you're still only seeing the Non-member price, perhaps check your membership status (Members Area / Manage membership). Your membership may have expired and, should this be the case, you'll need to rejoin before you see the Membership price reappear for the event you wish to attend.

Q: Bob Smith (*example only!) has been at our school for years and years – why is it showing only Non-Member pricing when he’s trying to book for an event?  

A: There are two reasons this may be occurring: a) Bob is not listed under your school membership on the SASTA website; or b) your school membership is not financial for the current year.

The Primary user of the school's membership account can check the list of people under their school membership at any time. Simply have that person log in, head to the Members Area, then Manage Membership** and scroll to the bottom of that page. There, they will see a list of people currently listed under the school's corporate membership. They can also remove people from this list at this point.

** You can also check the financial status of the membership on the Manage Membership page.

Q: I renewed our school membership already, but it is still showing only Non-Member rates when a colleague or I tried to register for an event. Why is this occurring?  

A: This most often occurs because despite the fact that you have generated an invoice for membership renewal and passed it on to your Finance department, the funds for membership have not yet been received by SASTA.

Q: Our school has a Corporate SASTA membership but we have a new Science Coordinator. How can I change the primary user of our membership?  

A: This is not something you can do yourself; please contact SASTA staff during office hours (by phone 8354 0006 or by email anytime!) and we can arrange to change this for you.    

Q: I’m trying to register for CONASTA (or another program through ASTA), but they’re asking for my ASTA Member Number. What is this and where can I find mine?  

A: ASTA Member Numbers are allocated by ASTA which they then use to identify financial SASTA Members. It is a number that is yours and yours alone – even if you stop being a SASTA member and then rejoin in a couple of years' time, your ASTA member number will remain the same. You can find this number by clicking on the My SASTA Membership link, and it will be located in the table at the top of that section. If the number does not appear in this section (that cell in the table will be blank), please contact the team who will amend this.

NB: Corporate members use the same ASTA Member number where applicable. e.g. a school will be issued with one number, and all people listed under that membership will use that same number. 

Q: My coordinator sent me a link to join to the school’s membership, but when I click on that link, it’s telling me that I’m already a member. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?  

A: This will occur if you have been a SASTA member in the past with that same email address – be it a personal, student, or joint member, or listed under your previous school’s corporate membership (most likely for people with email addresses). This can be fixed, but you’ll need SASTA staff to assist you, so please either email or call us so we can walk you through what needs to be done.

Q: No one at my school knows how to add me to the school’s membership. What do I need to do?  

A: Instructions on how to add people to corporate membership accounts can be viewed in the video above. If, after watching, your science coordinator / primary user still can’t figure out how to add you, please email the SASTA team at

Q: Can members of interstate Science Teacher Associations (STAs) obtain membership benefits from SASTA?

A: Unfortunately, there are no current reciprocal membership benefits amongst the state and territory STAs.

Q: Do SASTA members get discounts on orders?

A: No, resource pricing is standard across the board - and is therefore the same for members and non-members.

If your question has not been answered above, please email the team on