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SASTA Stage 2 Workbooks - Second Edition

SASTA 2nd Editions workbooks for Stage 2 Biology, Chemistry and Physics (sold out) are in stock and available now.

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Some of the features of the second edition workbooks include: 

  1. The content has been updated to match the most recent subject outline
  2. Design and layout have been updated extensively for a neater and more consistent look throughout the book
  3. Hundreds of new questions have been added that were not featured in the first edition
  4. The book now features questions that assess Science as a Human Endeavour (SHE)
  5. All explanations have been made more concise to minimise the time taken to grasp the concepts
  6. Most images have been updated. Around 300 high quality illustrations feature in the new edition.
  7. All formulae have been explored using useful examples that incorporate real-world applications
  8. The colours have been brightened and softened in different sections for easier reading and interpretation of the diagrams
  9. Solutions have been reviewed and simplified in some areas
  10. The number of questions supplied for each concept has doubled and, in some sections, tripled and quadrupled to reinforce student understanding
  11. Solutions have been written more concisely for simpler absorption by students
  12. There is a deeper focus on the use of prefixes in physics (milli, m, mega, M, kilo, k, giga, G etc) in questions which better prepares students for the end of year exam
  13. Many more higher order thinking questions added to stretch high achieving students
  14. Enough questions have been provided for each concept that a teacher can set 30-60 minutes worth of questions each lesson for students to complete.

Plus the Physics workbook has around 900 questions compared to 550 in the first edition!!

We've been made aware of some errors in the Stage 2 Workbooks. Please see corrected pages here.