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Congratulations to this year's winners of the Mary Anning Art Prize!

Reception - Year 2

YaHueyFaith Liew1st Prize

Ya Huey Faith Liew, Year 2

Addyman Plesiosaur

This Addyman Plesiosaur is hunting for food while swimming away from an underwater erupting volcano.

YaHueyFaith Liew

MalinaBachmann20232nd Prize

Malina Bachmann, Year 2


I drew some Ediacarans and I think they were very colourful under water.


Elodie Duffy3rd Prize

Elodie Duffy, Reception

Wonambi Naracoortensis

A Wonambi slithering along under a tree by the watering hole where she laid her eggs. She is waiting to catch her prey.

Elodie Duffy


Year 3 - Year 5

Anakin Harbour Mary Anning art prize20231st Prize

Anakin Harbour, Year 5

Stromatilite, Ediacran and Cambrian kaleidoscope

Stromatilite, Ediacran and Cambrian kaleidoscope is a canvas of ancient colours, patterns and history of life!

Anakin Harbour Mary Anning art prize2023

Ethan Wright2nd Prize

Ethan Wright, Year 3

Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaur and Ammonites in the Eromanga Sea

A mother ichthyosaur is teaching her baby how to catch ammonites. The baby ichthyosaur is staying close to his mum to hide from the plesiosaur.

Ethan Wright

Georgia jarvis3rd Prize

Georgia Jarvis, Year 4

Archaehierax sylvestris

25 million years ago in the lake Pinpa area of South Australia lived an eagle named Archaehierax Sylvestris this eagle was a forest dweller and a very good ambush hunter. In the photo you can see that this eagle has spotted its prey on the forest floor an

Georgia jarvis


Year 6 - Year 8

Hamish darrell1st Prize

Hamish Darrell, Year 6

Thylacinus cynocephalus

The thylacinus cynocephalus aka the Tasmanian tiger ate stuff like kangaroos and small animals and rats. The height of the Tasmania tiger is 100cm to 130 long and is around 60 cm tall

Hamish darrell

Aimee Evans   HB18   Year 62nd Prize

Aimee Evans, Year 6


A group of plesiosaurus are hunting for fish and an early squid. They used to live along the seas of Australia, including South Australia.

Aimee Evans   HB18   Year 6

Erin Stacey3rd Prize

Erin Stacey, Year 6

The Giant Short Faced Kangaroo

This is a Giant Short Faced Kangaroo resting under a tree from the heat. One of the largest kangaroos to exist on Earth, just a little taller than a Red Kangaroo today.

Erin Stacey