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on 10/08/2022

Trinity Gardens School have just disembarked their 2022 team of International SpaceCRAFT Exploration Challenge students, the Trinity Shooting Stars, from their latest mission with Space Teams.

These Year 5 and 6 students participated in an international 6-day virtual space competition in the elementary division against teams from the United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, Thailand, Ireland, Bangladesh, Norway Albania, Texas, Canada and other parts of Australia.

Their participation in this incredible opportunity was made possible thanks to the generous sum of grant money received from the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources covering each student’s $500 entry fee.

TGS 2Prior to the virtual competition beginning, teams were tasked with designing a Mission Patch. Students represented themselves as seen here with their 4 teams of 3 displayed in a united patch.

The excitement built as students received correspondence from former NASA astronaut Dr Greg Chamitoff and their anticipation to blast off grew.

Students met in the Resource Centre daily from 9am beginning their day with a live webcast from the US. Each morning began with a positive energetic welcome, a daily prize awarded, a showcase of student’s achievements in activities from around the globe and an introduction to the new learning with a daily guest speaker. Students were left itching to get to the day’s activities.

The scenario for the virtual space mission includes a rogue planet from another solar system that is reachable for exploration. Students are required to build a spacecraft to get there and visit. They must also carry everything they need to explore the surface and construct a habitat that could sustain life.

TGS 3Students learned subject matter from NASA astronauts, scientists and engineers directly involved in ongoing missions and other experts in various space related fields. Lessons included Planetary Science, Spacecraft Design, Assembly and Systems, Orbital Mechanics and Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Entry & Landing, Habitat Construction, Surface Exploration- all aspects of space exploration.

Space Teams platforms encouraged critical thinking on a range of STEM disciplines in a team-based and competitive environment. The knowledge students accessed is not typically available to students at this level, and for these young explorers, it was an incredible introduction to the international community that is planning humanity’s future in Space.

Our teams placed 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th in their division!


The program provides an engaging range of STEM topics to students and inspires young minds through the wonder and excitement of Space Exploration.

The next Space Teams launch is Mission Oz on August 15th if you haven’t already made plans to celebrate Science Week. Details can be found via this link

Jane Glasson
Science Teacher
Trinity Gardens School