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on 10/09/2021


At Hope Christian College, students from primary school through to middle school engaged in a wide variety of experiments. Our aim was to imbue them with enthusiasm and to inspire enquiring minds. Primary school students explored the concept of mixture, and one of their challenges was to create flavoured butter! We also had students undertake some ‘scientific research’ with yoghurt, and provided them with a range of potential ingredients for making a frozen yoghurt pop.

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Upper Primary students investigated which technologies and equipment could be used to catch fish. They were challenged to use recycled materials and sticky tape to create a fishing rod. Once the designs were finalised, students then tested them by actually fishing. They loved it!!

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Middle school students had lots of fun designing and making water filters. This was a competition round, and the class with the most creative entries won a hot chip lunch.

- Mala Prasad, Hope Christian College

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