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Posted by SASTA

on 27/09/2018

Stirling East Primary School's second annual Science Themed Tour of Learning in the Hamilton unit was held on Thursday 6th September.  

The year 3 and 4 Students showcased their first semester’s work, which was designing and carrying out a scientific investigation based on students’ choice of topic.  

There were 144 posters on display including topics such as, “Is Stirling a friendlier town than Aldgate?”, “Does wearing a closed helmet make me go faster on my bike than an open helmet?”, and “Do dominoes fall faster when balanced on their short or long side?”  

We are very grateful to our special guests, who included an assortment of Scientists, Engineers, Science Communicators and a pilot. Our guests arrived early to view and commend the children’s scientific skills by placing a sticker on worthy posters. The children were met with surprises when they arrived later with their parents to find that real scientists approved of their work, and some even stayed to chat with the students.  

Highlights were seeing the children’s shock and joy as they discovered their work was commended, and the realisation in the year 4 children when their improvement from 2017 was celebrated by their parents, teachers and professionals in the field.  

Many children were amazed by the fact that actual scientists were interested in their investigations, and were able to discuss their work with the scientists. Students are already talking about their investigations for next year and we will focus on further improving this project.

- Sarah Finney, Stirling East Primary School 

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