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Living Science: Biology for SACE Stage 2

Living Science: Biology for SACE Stage 2


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Author: Kathy Adams

This text for both teachers and students was written to complement both the current SACE Stage 2 Biology subject content and the book Living Science: Biology for SACE Stage 1 (published in 2018). This book will reflect the content required for teaching Biology in 2020.

Teachers will find it an invaluable resource for planning and developing student knowledge as it has comprehensive coverage of the science understandings of the 2020 Stage 2 course. Students will find it a great resource to complement lessons and by referring to its additional features such as the “Did you know?” and “SHE Alert” breakout boxes, will develop a broader knowledge of Biology across many different contexts.

“Did you know?” breakout boxes throughout the text include related stories, concepts, perspectives and facts to help engage students in deeper learning.

“SHE Alert” boxes are connected to the four SHE Key concepts: Communication and Collaboration, Development, Influence, and Application and Limitation. These sections give students and teachers opportunities to consider how science and society interact to find solutions and overcome problems.

Review questions throughout the book allow students can check their understanding. At the end of each chapter there are short answer questions so students can practise answering SHE-style questions in Skills and Applications Tasks.


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ISBN: 9780975684528

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