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The aim of the South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA) is to develop a supported and engaged community of science educators that will inspire the scientists of the future! Through this community we provide opportunities for professional development where science teachers can share best practice, innovative teaching methods and resources. Our strength lies with our members and in the development of our community by encouraging collaboration and networking in all we do.

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Find out why you should become a SASTA member and the benefits we have on offer. 

SASTA membership lasts from 1st January to 31st December annually.

If you have not renewed your membership by 31 December, your membership will expire; however, you can rejoin at any time. Simply login, head to the members' area, then click Manage Membership.

Membership services include: 

  • Discounts to all SASTA Professional Learning and CONASTA (the national science teachers conference) - discount percentage dependent on membership type
  • Discounted entry fees for the Oliphant Science Awards
  • Recognition of teacher excellence through the SASTA Medal and SASTA Outstanding Teacher Awards
  • Monthly e-news
  • Four editions of the SASTA newsletter (hard copy)
  • Two editions of the SASTA Journal (hard copy - additional subscription of $33/year)
  • Four editions of the ASTA Teaching Science Journal (electronic)
  • Notification of student seminars, workshops and exam post-mortems
  • Access to members only section of the SASTA website including the SASTA Journal
  • FREE member only excursions & workshops
  • Monthly prize giveaways
  • Mentoring opportunities

As a SASTA member, you are automatically a member of the Australian Science Teacher’s Association (ASTA), giving you priority access to:

  • National Science Projects and Teacher Awards
  • Professional standards for educators of science
  • Networking nationally and internationally

Membership Options

Personal Member

Personal Member
Lab Officer

Joint (Husband /
Wife / De facto)*
$95/year $85/year $140/year $85/year
Student 1st Year of Teaching 2nd Year of Teaching Corporate (School,

& Businesses)*^
$15/year $25/year $65/year $230/year

Journal subscription is an additional $33/year

*These categories will only receive 1 copy of the SASTA Newsletter.

^ Corporate Members can have up to 20 registered users on their account and discounts for professional learning only apply to those registered users

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