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Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 01/07/2021

by Anita Suetrong

Not sure where to start on your Science Writing entry? Check out Anita's tips for creating your entry in the video below!

While you have to choose one of the 2021 Science Writing titles for your project, you have the freedom to write in any genre you like - you could write a report, procedure, explanation on a theory or a persuasive piece of writing! 

The 2021 Science Writing titles are:

  • The World in 2050
  • Playing with Light
  • Physics: the very tiny & very large!
  • Global Warming is still so important - what is new in the field?
  • What happens to the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024?
  • Statistics going Viral
  • Science as a Human Endeavour (YEAR 11–12 LEVEL ONLY)

Here are a few tips:

  1. Source good information - making sure it's accurate and peer-reviewed. Some options are: Google Scholar, PubMed or Sage
  2. Use up-to-date sources; science is always changing! - make sure your research is relevant and credible (within the last 10 years)
  3. Be creative - the judges are always looking for something new and interesting
  4. Ask someone else to read your work before submitting - your science teacher is a good option to look at it from a science point of view and a family member or friend can see how well you communicate your topic.

Unleash your creativity and scientific knowledge to make this masterpiece come to life!