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At St Martin’s students were involved in a whole variety of lessons and experiments for Science Week. Each year level had a different theme. Here are some examples of what the students explored during science week.


A variety of fun and interesting investigations were set up during discovery learning for science week. For one investigation the students created patterns using warm water and skittles. In another investigation students were trying to solve an environmental issue to see what materials could be used to soak up an oil spill in the ocean.

Year 1

Students in small groups were taught concepts like conductivity by creating a simple piano using a circuit and a Makey-Makey (mini-computer). This will then progress to students making their own models which can play musical notes or sound effects.

Year 3

The students viewed the story ’Alba the 100 year old fish” and discussed the issues regarding ocean pollution with activities being centred around this.

Year 4

In a unit on forces, students were set a design challenge to see if they could design windmill blades in order to raise a paper cup filled with weights. They were provided with a variety of materials and used fans and hair dryers to act as the wind source.

Year 6

Students were investigating how to design and construct an earthquake resistant building. Their designs were place on shaker tables to see if they could with stand tremors and higher magnitude earthquakes.

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