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Posted by Oliphant Science Awards

on 11/06/2020

The 2019 Oliphant Science Awards Trophy went to Ms. Phoebe Wood from Upper Sturt Primary School for her incredible Model & Invention of Anchiornis huxleyi.

So SASTA has asked her to make a video of it, not only to inspire those budding young scientists but to provide some ideas of how it is possible to showcase a Models & Invention project via video! 

Short videos can be a great way to record work & showcase projects. These are also important for students from rural/remote schools who may be unable to send their projects safely for physical judging.

For any supporting videos we recommend limiting them to  90 - 120 seconds for submission and of course videos can be simply created in one take with a phone, tablet, or webcam - production value isn't the focus!

If you do create a video for your Model & Invention project be sure to include the URL link to your video on your report. If you are new to uploading/sharing videos have a look at our guide from the Multimedia Category on the basics on how you can use Vimeo to upload and share video content privately!