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Posted by Tegan McClean

on 22/08/2018

From 3.30 - 5.30pm on Thursday, 16th August, Highgate School’s Science Expo came alive!

This was an R-7 exhibition of ‘science games in a shoe box’. The gym was filled with families, school staff and interested community members.  In every direction you could see child and adult discussions, students testing games and having fun!

Prior to this event, each student had a maximum of 4 lessons (equivalent to 3 hours) to make a game based on a science principle. Throughout science week, the school was filled with enthusiasm and excitement, every student busy creating his/her game. On Friday, 23rd August, three winners from each R-7 class will be announced at the whole school assembly. Each student will be awarded a certificate and a prize.

- Vivien Chryseliou, Science Teacher, Highgate School

Highgate 3   Highgate 4
Highgate 5   Highgate 2

 Highgate School was a National Science Week grant recipient.